Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scriptura cum legente crescit

The Word of God,” writes Maximus the Confessor, “is similar to a mustard-
seed, it appears quite small before being cultivated. But when it has been cultivated it embraces the meaning of all beings” (On theology, II.10). This is the hermeneutical principle that Gregory the Great, known in the East as Gregory of 
the Dialogue, expresses with the formula Scriptura crescit cum legente: the understanding of Scripture increases with the spiritual maturing of the person who reads and interprets it (cf. Homilies on Ezechiel, I, SC 327:244–245).

「聖書は読者と共に成長する」(グレゴリウス1世(Gregorius I, 540年? - 604年、四大ラテン教父の一人)

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