Thursday, December 22, 2011

Witness of the individual

"In this most extreme situation, where the individual has to represent the Church without being adequately seconded by the Church herself (as a community and as an institution), we have one of the high points of theological drama. (...)
Such a situation was found in the early centuries and has been reproduced ever since. Yet it is surpassed by the bitter experience of individuals who find themselves deprived of this companionship, not as a result of external force, but because of a substantial, inner lack of genuine Church fellowship.
Here the individual has to bear witness to the authentic Church of Christ in the face of an environment that mistakenly imagines it is of the Church."
H. U. Von Balthasar, Theo-drama, III, p. 455


そこで、勘違いして教会らしいものであると思われる環境に対して、個人がキリストの本当の教会の証しを立てなければならないのである。(H. U. Von Balthasar, Theo-drama, III, p. 455)


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