Thursday, September 06, 2012

Inculturation models

a specific-identity focus, because it relates to the
world in terms of what Christianity has to offer and not what the world has
to offer Christianity.
The latter would be more the tendency of the general identity focus adherents, who often emphasize the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world prior to the explicit presence of Christianity.
Again, the divergent approaches need not be contradictory; they can be complementary.

The Dialectic of Religious Identity: Lonergan and Balthasar, By Dadosky, John D.
Academic journal article from Theological Studies, Vol. 60, No. 1


GALLAGHER, Inculturation debates: the relevance of Lonergan, Studia Moralia 52 (2003) 347-363.

Three different sources of pluralism:

1) different brands of common sense
2)higher or lower competency (differentiations)
3)conversions or lack thereof.

Inculturation (different models not to be separeted):
  Incarnational model
  Redemptive model

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