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Latin: Case Uses Lingua Latina 1-35

subject Marcus Iuliam pulsat
Marcus strikes Julia.
predicate nominative Creta est insula magna.
Crete is a large island.
possession Iulius est dominus servorum.
Julius is the master of the slaves.
partitive Provincia est pars imperii Romani.
The Province is a part of the Roman empire.
description Quintus is puer septem annorum.
Quintus is a boy of seven years.
objective timor mortis amor patriae
fear of death, love of country
purpose with causa (delectandi causa)
for the sake of delighting
value magni aestimat
he thinks it of great value
charge eum furti accusare
to charge him with theft
with verbs pudet, oblivisci, meminisse

indirect object Iulius Marco, filio suo, malum dat.
Julius gives an apple to Marcus, his son.
interest Spirare necesse est homini.
It is necessary for man to breathe.
possession Marco una soror est.
To Marcus there is one sister.
agent with gerundive (servo vaciendum est)
it must be done by the slave
with impersonal verbs Licet mihi ire. Libet mihi.
I am permitted to go. It pleases me.
with special verbs imperare, parere, credere, nocere, oboedire, persuadere,
invidere, parcere, appropinquare, placere, confidere,
< /span>ignoscere, resistere, minari, studere, prodesse, praeesse,
deesse, adesse, favere, nubered, plaudere

direct object Marcus Iuliam pulsat
Marcus strikes Julia.
place to which Syra in cubiculum intrat.
Syra enters into the room.
indirect statement Medicus puerum dormire dicit.
A0 (acc + infinitive) The doctor says that the boy is sleeping.
with iubere, velle Te hic manere iubeo (volo).
I order (want) you to remain here.
extent Gladius duos pedes longus est.
The sword is two feet long.
duration Centum annos vivere ...
To live for one hundred years ...
exclamation O, discipulos20improbos!
Oh, wicked students!
with prepositions ad ante apud circum in
inter per post prope sub supra
place where Iulia in cubiculo suo est.
Julia is in her room.
place from which Ab oppido ad villam it Iulius.
From town to his villa Julius goes.
separation Medus Tusculo Romam it.
Medus goes from Tusculum to Rome.
agent Lectica a servis portatur.
The sedan chair is carried by the slaves.
means, cause Lydia verbis Medi delectatur.
Lydia is delighted by the words of Medus.
instrument Iulius lectica vehitur.

Julius is carried by a litter.
price Hic anulus centum nummis constat.
This ring stands at one hundred coins.
manner Magna voce clamat.
He shouts in a loud voice
time when Illo tempore mense Decembri ...
At that time in the month December ...
absolute sole oriente
with the sun rising
degree of difference paulo levior
a little lighter (lighter by a little)
with carere cibo carere
to lack food
with uti, frui manu sua utitur, otio fruor
he uses his hand, I enjoy leisure
with opus est Quid opus est armis?
What need is there of arms?
comparison Marcus pigrior est Quinto.
Marcus is lazier than Quintus.
respect insula parva nomine Naxus
a small island, Naxus by name
description, quality tanta audacia sunt
they are of such great boldness
with prepositions a/ab cum e/ex in sine sub

direct address Salve, domine!
Greetings, master!

place where Medus neque Romae neque Tusculi est.
(towns, cities, etc) Medus is neither in Rome nor in Tusculum.

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