Sunday, November 03, 2013

Appunto su Girard

"The apocalypse is nothing but the incarnation of Christianity in history”(Girard)

Girard has made the following claim: “When I had been accused of not being a Christian,[Henri] de Lubac told me that everything that I was writing was right and there wasn’tanything heretical in it.” See “The
J’accuse of René Girard: The Audacious Ideas of a Great Thinker,” interview with Giulio Meotti in Il Foglio,
March 20, 2007; available in English translation by Francis R. Hittinger IV at

 The Word of God, he explains, is a question to humanity’s answers, not the answer to its questions; itis a Word that “accepts in silence many contradictions” and demands from humans simplytheir “unquestioning obedience” (p. 29).

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