Tuesday, August 21, 2012



It is fearful, but it is right to say it: that if we wished to imagine a punishment for an unholy, reprobate soul, we perhaps could not fancy a greater than to summon it to heaven. Heaven would be hell to an irreligious man. We know how unhappy we are apt to feel at present, when alone in the midst of strangers, or of men of different tastes and habits from ourselves. How miserable, for example, would it be to have to live in a foreign land, among a people whose faces we never saw before, and whose language we could not learn. And this is but a faint illustration of the loneliness of a man of earthly dispositions and tastes, thrust into the society of saints and angels. How forlorn would he wander through the courts of heaven! 12

John Henry Newman, "Holiness Necessary for Future Blessedness, in Parochial and Plain Sermons (San Francisco: Ignatius, 1997), 9. ↩


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