Friday, January 23, 2009

Prevenzione e cura per il cancro

A Believe-It-or-Not Cancer Drug

CellAdam Is Successful, Natural, Ethical

By Edward Pentin

ROME, JAN. 22, 2009 ( Imagine a medicine that has a staggering 75% success rate in treating cancer, and yet is a natural and ethical product, owned by a nonprofit company headed by devout Catholics.
Too good to be true? That's what I thought. The medical world is not short of bogus cancer "cures." Treatment for the disease is a multi-billion dollar industry that has led to questionable or unproven methods springing up throughout the world.
Yet this little-known product, which works by rebuilding the body's own adult stem cells and destroying tumour cells, already has a 25-year track record as a highly effective cancer treatment. Called CellAdam, it is most effective in preventing the earl y stages of cancer. But it also impedes the malignant process, and has an analgesic effect in the hopeless stage of an advanced tumour. Because of its natural composition, it has none of the hallucinogenic effects you get with morphine. The ingredients simply include a fatty acid complex extracted from soy and sunflower.
"This is a totally unusual and huge breakthrough," says Dr. Thomas Janossy, president of Biostemworld, the company producing the drug internationally. "In the next two to three years, it will become the first anti-cancer prescription drug in the world that is nature-based."
So why has hardly anyone heard of it? According to Biostemworld, the reason is because it was developed in Hungary during the country's Communist era. CellAdam was discovered, by chance, by Adam Kovacs, a Christian Hungarian researcher, who put his whole life into finding a cure for cancer.
Imre Beke, Biostemworld's chairman, calls it a "diamond in disguise" because of the numerous obstacles that have prevented this drug from reaching a wider market.


It's best track record, however, is as a cancer prevention therapy. When used as a dietary supplement, it wo rks by building up the body's adult stem cell count. Stem cells can decrease by as much as 80% in the course of a lifetime, leading to signs of ageing, a weakened immune system, and diseases such as cancer. With CellAdam and its other nature-based drugs, Biostemworld claims it can restore that count by as much as 75%, exceeding a similar product in California by 50%. Not only do they prevent cancer, but other diseases too.

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