Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Amaladoss su Cristo asiatico e dialogo

"(...) Though Jesus is Asian, he comes back to Asia after passing through Euro-America, decked up in non recognazable foreign masques and institutions. The Asians are proud of their millenial cultures and find il difficult to relate to these masques, especially when they are sought [sic!] to be imposed."

"Because of the threat of terrorist groups, inspired by religious idoelogy, though the actual reasons for terrorism are economic, political, and cultural, people everywhere have become sensistive to the realation between religions. But authentic dialogue is possible and meaningful only if it accompanies, or is even preceded by, a sincere effort to encourage peace and harmony through promoting freedom, equality, and justice among peoples of all nations and religions. Dialogue is not an easy and cheap substitute for equality and justice. Interreligious dialogue can only be a deeper dimension of a larger dialogue between peoples at all levels of life"

Amaladoss, Dialogue Between Religions in Asia Today, in:

40 Years of Vatican II and the Churches Of Asia and the Pacific
Volume 42 (2005)

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